The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, Scotland

This weeks guest blog is by Liam Jardine, Scottish Photographer. Liam tells us about what it takes to capture amazing early morning shots of The Old Man of Storr and one of the most iconic views in Scotland.


Our Storr adventure all began at our flat in Dundee at 11 pm on a Saturday night. There, we debated on whether we should start our trip prematurely in order to get the most of what was to be the best day weather wise of the whole week. After much deliberation, we decided in sheer eagerness to set off for Skye there and then, making the Old Man of Storr the first stop in our journey. Leaving at such an ungodly hour gave me the opportunity to capture one of the most famous sunrises on the island and Scotland.

Travelling throughout the night became an adventure in itself; who knew every animal native to Scotland would make an appearance in the middle of the road. We arrived at the car park at 4 am, exhausted and broken from the mammoth amount of travelling we had just done. Dragging ourselves out of the car we gathered the kit together and made our way towards the path. In hindsight, it probably wasn’t my wisest move to walk to the Storr in the dark, however as this is was my first time visiting, I looked out the head torch and off we went.

At what we assumed was the top of the steep path; we were met with an overwhelming darkness. As the sky had clouded over, and our head torches were not the best, we had trouble deciphering what was land and what was the sky. This made the whole experience of walking towards our destination more thrilling; especially spotting signs along the way that read things like ”steep cliffs” and “Danger falling rocks” – and they weren’t lying! But this wasn’t stopping me from getting the shot.

As we approached the Storr we ground to a halt we both looked at each other with fear and confusion and we thought the end was nigh, what a perfect place for someone to disappear.

We arrived at the Storr roughly an hour before sunrise. This gave me more than enough time to get up and scout out the perfect location. After exploring a couple of different spots I found the location I was looking for to capture the iconic image of the Storr. All that was left to do was set up the tripod and camera and wait patiently for the sun to rise. Hour after hour passed, the wind chill increased and my hands began to go numb yet no sun had appeared due to clouds on the horizon. Continuing to wait in anticipation that the clouds would break and allow a little light through it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. Just as I was about to give up hope and pack up the equipment a slither of light peaked itself through the clouds and shown perfectly on to the Storr. Quickly capturing a few shots as the light changed by the second. Thrilled with my final shot of a view I'd wanted to see with my own eyes for so long, it made an amazing start to our time on Skye and well worth the crazy hour departure.

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