Launch Night, Stewarts Brewing, Scotland

What a night! We launched on Thursday evening and it was a tremendous success with an amazing turnout. The Journal was so well received and the feedback overwhelming. On behalf of Andrea and myself I'd like to thank you all so very much for taking the time and making the effort to join us on our special evening. We believe that we have created something very special and really appreciate you all being an important and integral part of our official launch.


As the founder of Proper Adventure. The journey to get this point has been quite unbelievable, I have to pinch myself at times. I’m just an ordinary person, following my passion and the idea for The Journal came from that, “Ordinary people doing Extraordinary things” My climbing has inspired and allowed me to achieve some amazing things, from winning Mountain Photographer of the Year with Trail magazine to writing and launching an incredibly successful and well received book "Mountaineering in the Scottish Highlands". Which has all lead to this, The Journal rather than another book the whole inspirational concept came to mind. Feature the people and their stories and their own individual passions.


The inspirational ethos that created the concept being no matter how ordinary your life may seem we are all able to easily access and enjoy doing extraordinary things, we can all have a Proper Adventure and it's that inspiration that we want to bring to you guys the readers. Hopefully you met someone on the night or see and read something that drives your own passion and inspirational creative flow, motivating you to take action. Ordinary people making it happen, doing extraordinary things, thats what we really want to deliver, what you can expect as a follower and a reader.

I’d like to thank all our contributors for Issue One, we have an incredible team spanning the globe, their stories and journeys have brought the idea to life in a way I couldn’t have imagined solely on my own. Andrea Mason our Creative Director and my business partner has delivered an amazing design and just beautiful product and I can’t thank her enough for believing in me and the idea. Thank you to Dennis Coughlin for creating a wonderful online presence and of course our brand support: Farer, Peak Design, Cad and the Dandy, Hebridean Pursuits, Taskforce, Allander, Leo's Beanery and of course Jo and the team at Stewarts for hosting our event, you guys are all amazing for believing in the product.

Once again I thank you and hope you enjoyed the evening and above all else enjoy the Magazine it’s emotional to bring it to you guys and a heads up we already have some equally spectacular content already for Issue Two.

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