Sea Kayaking in Oban

For me, kayaking is the only way to explore Scotland. With such a fascinating coastline, hidden beaches and hundreds of islands there is always somewhere to be exploring! 



My favourite place to go kayaking is always Oban. Only a 3 hour journey by car, train or bus from Glasgow, this coastal town is easily accessible. Oban is Scotland’s premier sea kayaking location. To journey from here is simple, launching from the harbour itself, or travelling further out to the hebrides islands by the ever trusty CalMac ferries. 



My favourite short trip is around the Isle of Kerrera. Home to a magnificent castle, rocky coves, and an amazing coffee shop! This trip does require a little planning, or at least a glance at the wind direction and tide times. Heading out from Oban harbour as you pass the ferries entering in and out of the bay you get a glimpse at the best view of the town. It is a kayaker's little secret, Scotland looks better from the sea. 



The island circumnavigation can easily be done in a day. Its only 7km long by 2km wide. But is also brilliant for doing as an overnight camp. One of my favourite spots to pitch the tent is 50m above the sea, only accessible by lifting the boat up over some rocks before following a short ‘sheep path’. The ground is ideal for pitching a one man tent and has great views both across to Oban itself and down the Kerrera Sound. 



After a days paddling its a great spot to relax and watch the boats enter and exit the harbour. But its also one of the spookiest spots I’ve pitched my tent at, only 75m above on the cliff there’s a concrete bunker. As the sun began to set I had climbed up there to try and get a good view over to Mull, completely by accident stumbling across this concrete hut. In the dark everything becomes slightly spookier, just imagine being on an isolated island! 



Waking up to complete silence is the best feeling, and only being a short 10 minute paddle from Oban makes it even better. Leaving early in the morning is a brilliant time to paddle into Oban harbour. The silence that surrounds you at 7am creates an atmosphere that is indescribable. The only movement on the water was my kayak moving slowly back to Oban harbour. 



For me kayaking around Kerrera gives a true Scottish Kayaking experience. With the potential for strong winds, guaranteed amazing views and always the opportunity for wildlife you see a little of everything! 




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